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The concept potentially offers excellent characteristics. These are potential characteristics, since there is no functioning system yet. However, the realization of this engine type is much closer and easier than, for example, the entire system of hydrogen production, distribution, storage and conversion for the fuel cell. The main characteristics of energy conversion systems are:

  1. Overall energy efficiency,
  2. WTW GHG-Emissions,
  3. Specific output power,
  4. Power density,
  5. Specific costs,
  6. Service life,
  7. Comfort,
  8. Maintenance.

  Overall energy efficiency  

The overall energy efficiency of a JRS-Engine exceeds that of a comparable Otto-engine by a factor of 2.


  WTW GHG-Emissions  

The Well-To-Wheel GreenHouse Gas emissions (WTW GHG) [CO2-Equiv. x km-1] are close to CO2-Neutrality thanks to the double energy-efficiency of the JRS-Engine (in comparison with an Otto-engine) and the closed loop carbon/CO2-Cycle of 2nd-Generation BTL (biomass to liquid) fuel.

WTW GHG Emissions

When the JRS-Engine eventually runs on 4th-Generation BioFuels, the CO2-Balance is CO2-Negative.

  Specific output power and power density  

The JRS-Engine offers specific output power and power density that is a factor of 4 - 8 greater than that of the Otto engine.

Specific output power and power density

  Specific costs  

Assuming equal scale of production and state-of-technology, the specific cost price of a JRS-Engine — owing to its higher power density and simplicity — is considerably lower than that of a comparable Otto-engine.

Specific costs

  Service life  

The service life is at least comparable to that of conventional internal combustion engines.


The JRS-Engine is comfortable thanks to its low vibration and noise levels.


The maintenance requirements are at least comparable to those of conventional internal combustion engines.



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