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TNO carried out a technical and economic evaluation of the concept. TNO has concluded that JRS-Systems' claim in relation to the maximum potential of the JRS-Engine is correct.

  Technical evaluation  

The main conclusions are:

  1. By using the right materials and technologies it is possible for the JRS-Engine to achieve twice the energy efficiency of the conventional Otto- and Diesel-engines.
  2. The JRS-Concept provides the designer with a number of additional degrees of freedom that can be used to limit the emissions and/or to optimize the output power curve.
  3. The main points for attention in the further development of the engine are the limitation of the heat and pressure losses.

  Economic evaluation  


The advantages of the JRS-Engine in relation to the Otto-engine are:

  1. Better ride qualities due to the weight being 20% lower;
  2. Greater comfort due to lower vibration and noise levels;
  3. Lower environmental impact;
  4. Lower costs due to 50% less fuel consumption and much lower production costs in similar serial production runs;
  5. Far fewer and/or much simpler secondary systems required (cooling, exhaust, etc.).

  Micro-Combined heat & power:  

The advantage of the JRS-Engine in relation to the Stirling-engine are:

  1. Lower weight;
  2. Adjustable energy efficiency;
  3. Good energy efficiency at partial load;
  4. Short start-up times.

The market for Micro-Combined heat & power is sufficiently large to justify the investment in and the development of the JRS-Engine for this application.




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